Who is Joni and Friends? 

Joni and Friends is built on Biblical truth and the foundation of Jesus Christ. We are about advancing disability ministry and changing the church and communities around the world. The Joni and Friends International Disability Center (IDC) serves as the administrative center for ministries which provide outreach to thousands of families affected by disability around the globe. We invite you to browse our website to discover more ways you can be involved with our global outreach to the disability community!

Joni and Friends is answering the call in the Gospel of Luke 14, "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind and you will be blessed...make them come in so my house will be full."

We present the clear and concise Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people affected by disability and their families who are served through our programs around the world. We train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disability to exercise their gifts of leadership and service in their churches and communities. We energize the church to move from lack of awareness to including disabled persons into the fabric of worship, fellowship, and outreach.

Our Vision: to accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community.

Our Mission: to communicate the Gospel and equip Christ-honoring Churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.

The Four Things We Do: 

  1. Evangelize people affected by disabilities and their families
  2. Train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disabilities
  3. Multiply disability effective churches
  4. Promote a biblical worldview on disability through education and policy

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JAF Pennsylvania 

The Pennsylvania office is working together with local churches and organizations, forming outreach programs throughout the community and ministering hope and the message of Christ to those who face the daily challenges of life with a disability. The Pennsylvania office is committed to reaching individuals and families affected by disability in our community with the love of Christ.

PA Outreaches

  • Family Retreat
  • Wounded Warrior Getaway
  • Wheels for the World
  • International Family Retreat
  • Church Trainings
  • Finding the Forgotten
  • Support Groups
  • Community Events


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Area Ministry: 
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